Go Girl Case

Our Go Girl Case is perfect for those looking for clean, refreshing energy on the go. Split either a 12 pack or 24 pack with your choice of 2 of our 4 fabulous flavors. Between our newly redesigned fan-favorite, Original Sugar Free, and our new clean energy drink line, you can’t go wrong. Go Girl Case contains 2 flavors of your choice. Available in 12 or 24 can packs with half of each chosen flavor.

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  • $2.79 / can
  • $1.99 / can

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Grapefruit Honeysuckle



Key Lime Ginger



Original Sugar Free







Vitamins B12 & B6

Inulin Fiber

Natural Caffeine


Cane Sugar

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When a busy day leaves you feeling drained and tired, it's time for an energy boost. Go Girl Energy Drink is perfect to carry with you at all times. With 4 different flavors to choose from, there's sure to be one that will jump start your morning or keep you going during the workday. These drinks are made without any artificial colors or preservatives - just natural ingredients like b-vitamins and ginseng! They're also Keto-friendly which makes them great for people on restricted diets too.