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Delicious and Clean Energy

Our new Go Girl energy seltzers come in three fun & refreshing new flavors and are full of everything you need to power you through your your day in the office and when you hit the gym. With only 25 calories per can, your new favorite soda replacement has over 120mg of caffeine and is loaded with nutrients like B vitamins, niacin, magnesium, and fiber to boost your health and your energy.

12, 24, or 48 pack starting at


12, 24, or 48 pack starting at


12, 24, or 48 pack starting at



Vitamins B12 & B6

Inulin Fiber

Natural Caffeine


Cane Sugar

100% all-natural and keto-friendly… Go Girl is loaded with the healthy ingredients you need to power you through your day like Vitamins B6 & B12, Inulin Fiber, Natural Caffeine, and more!

You’re a powerhouse in the office and the gym and you’re smart enough to know that replacing sugar-filled and high-calorie sodas with their “diet” alternatives isn’t a healthy alternative at all. You deserve delicious and clean energy to power your day. Go Girl Energy Seltzers contain a small amount of natural cane sugar and are powered by natural caffeine and ginseng. Your health and performance are important and Go Girl is here to support them both.

What’s in your preworkout? Most preworkouts are loaded with a chemical cornucopia that feel like they were made in a mad scientist’s lab rather than a health-focused brand like Go Girl. Not to mention… “hyping” you up with a hard and jittery energy that makes your skin crawl before eventually leaving you crashed once they wear off. Maybe it’s time for a clean and healthy alternative?

Meet your new preworkout! Go Girl delivers clean and natural energy for your workouts with just the right amount of natural caffeine and ginseng to give you a boost without the crash.

Hear Why Others Love Go Girl

Read the testimonials from our Go Girl Customers!

I love these drinks. It's all natural so you don't have withdrawals and it tastes great. I definitely recommend you give these a try. This is also an amazing company !

Janice Y.

Go girl is an office favorite with everyone due to the high energy, low calorie tasty flavor. Our local stores stopped carrying go girl a year ago. To my surprise it’s still available with new flavors and only 25 calories!

Ryan T.

My favorite energy drink that doesn't give me jitters or make me crash... My go-to Go Girl.

Annette S.

What's New at Go Girl

Go Girl isn't just a drink - it's a way of life! We are inspired every day by our fans, our team at HQ, and the world around us... all of which influence our drink flavors, can design, and everything about the company.

Fresh and perfectly ripe raspberries with a splash of lemonade create this refreshing take on a summertime favorite.

Layers of juicy pink grapefruit and floral honeysuckle blossoms join together for a delicately sweet experience.

The sweet zing of ginger blended with a kiss of key lime gives this bright citrus beverage its flavor.

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Announcement: Go Girl Energy will be pausing operations when stock runs out. Learn more here.