How Being Properly Hydrated (or not!) Can Make Or Break Your Day

How much water should you drink every day? It can be a difficult question to answer. The average person needs to drink around 2 liters of water per day, but this number will vary based on your age and activity level. 

A recent survey discovered that as many as 75% of Americans are “chronically dehydrated,” meaning that over time, they are losing more water than they are taking in.  Now a common cause of this is that most people think that if they’re not thirsty, they must be drinking enough water – but this simply isn’t true. You see, being thirsty is often a sign that you’ve already entered a state of dehydration, thus proper hydration actually requires you to take in water before you reach this dry-throated point!

Of course, thirst isn’t everything when it comes to signs of being dehydrated. For example, if you’ve been feeling tired or lethargic lately, it could just be because you need more fluids in your diet.

Now, going beyond fatigue and thirst, proper hydration has many benefits for our health: it helps us feel energized, boosts our immune system so we don’t catch colds as easily, provides relief from headaches and sore muscles…the list goes on! In fact, our brain, kidneys, heart, muscles and skin all need water to work properly!

This brings us back to our mission here at Go Girl. 

We LOVE that our customers love drinking Go Girl Energy. And hey, with four refreshing flavors to choose from and the clean burst of energy it gives you to tackle your day, we don’t blame you! But, as awesome as our energy drinks are, we know that there’s something even more important that ALL OF US should be drinking more of as well…water.

That said, let’s go over a few crucial reasons why you should be drinking more water. 


1. Dehydration affects brain functionality

When you’re dehydrated, your brain cells don’t receive the important hydration it needs to function at its best, which in turn leads to decreased productivity and concentration levels. This means your cells have to work harder than normal to keep up, with functions such as complex problem-solving, coordination, and attention suffering the most.

So the solution is simple… whether you’re working hard or hardly working, drink more water!


2. Want healthy skin? Stay hydrated!

If you’re dehydrated, your skin is more prone to skin disorders and wrinkling. Keep that healthy skin glowing by gulping down the H20!


3. It helps you lose weight

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, drinking water before and after meals helps you feel more full, aiding you in eating less. It also helps regulate your metabolism, and the healthier your metabolism the faster you’re gonna burn those calories!


4. Protects against joint pain

Most people don’t realize this, but whether you’re highly active daily or actually perform little physical activity, you use the joints in your body – which means they need to stay lubricated. 

And the easiest solution to this is…water!

Water helps lubricate your joints to minimize friction, which reduces the pain in your joints. So if you want to reduce the wear and tear caused by daily living, stay hydrated! 

5. Prevents kidney stones

Ever had a kidney stone? If you have then you know you never want to deal with that again! And if you haven’t, let’s just say we’re talking about some truly excruciating pain. 

The great news?

These nasty stones are easily preventable by…you guessed it, drinking plenty of water!

6. It improves your mood

Okay so maybe water doesn’t put a big ole’ smile on your face like Go Girl Energy can. 

But not having enough water will certainly do the opposite. 

You see, dehydration causes some very unwelcome consequences such as confusion, fatigue, “foggy brain,” anxiety (not to mention a plethora of other nasty effects that will certainly disrupt your good vibes!) 

So once again, drink up!

7. Prevents headaches

Nothing ruins a day – or a night – like a painful thumping in your head..

Fortunately, recent studies have shown that water can even help relieve headaches and even migraines. 

Of course it makes total sense since headaches are the most common symptom of dehydration!

So if you’re suffering from a headache or migraine, try drinking more water  (even if it doesn’t directly help, your brain will thank you!).

There are plenty of other reasons to drink more water, so what are you waiting for? Go hydrate! 


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