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Drink For The Taste. Drink For The Cause.

Go Girl Sweetie Grapefruit is lightly carbonated, naturally flavored and   sweetened, with a refreshingly sweet grapefruit flavor - that comes in a pink champagne color. This healthy beverage offers a refreshing pick- me -up and a perfect start to your morning. 

Flavor note

A cool refreshing taste that takes its energy from the first ray of the morning sun than blends it with the zest of one of nature’s sweetest grapefruits. .

Go Girl Sweetie Grapefruit is:

  • Thirty-five calories, contains functional re-vitalizers like Vitamins B12, B6, E, Calcium, and CoQ10 to keep women on the go.
  •  Contains Super Citrimax®, a mild herbal appetite suppressant.
  • Proudly gives back to breast and ovarian cancer research and awareness 365 days a year.
  • The Sweetie Grapefruits is a cross between an acidless pomelo and a white grapefruit. It’s slightly larger in size than a grapefruit but has fewer seeds and is sweeter. 

What people are saying:‚Äč


“I absolutely love Sweetie Grapefruit Go Girl! It’s an invigorating drink for warm afternoons.”

- Angie, Torrance CA


“Very mild flavor, perfect to quench my thirst and give me energy.”

-Ericka, Las Vegas NV


“So light and refreshing and I love the grapefruit taste and smell.”

-Mia, San Diego CA


“I like the new flavor. It reminds me of ‘Squirt’ but not as sweet or heavy. Perfect with vodka.”

Linda, Black Rock City NV


“Tastes refreshing and it tingles in my mouth. I love the smell and flavor.”

Carol, Pueblo CO

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